For Support, The Choice is Clear

“As a Web content creator and designer at Creofx, Huevia has never slowed down, and we have always maintained high standards.

We do real-time streaming and rich content management, with no delay or lag.

For support, the choice is clear Huevia.”

- Oliver Hejimans, CreoFX

High Uptime and Speedy Performance

“The mere fact that I can instant message support if I have an issue or question related to our hosting is reason enough to use Huevia.

The high uptime and speedy database performance doesn't hurt either.”

- Ian Albinson, Art of the Title

Very Happy With My Huevia Account

“I've been very happy with my Huevia account!

Never really had any noticeable down-time, it has been a much more positive experience than when I was with my previous host.

Josh from the support team has been super helpful and quick to respond to emails whenever I have a question about something.”

- Thomas Lowry, Negative Space

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